Our trip to Belgium and to Paris was really awesome. We were surrounded with history and beautiful architecture the entire time, plus the food (and drink) was outstanding! We walked all over every single day and probably logged on a good 15-20 miles over our 11 day trip. I want to share some pictures with you, but I can’t possibly put all of them on here (400 or so!), so feel free to look at them all on my flickr page.

We were based in Leuven, Belgium where my sister lives. Here are some photos of this fair city:

Here’s the town library.

Library(!), Leuven

Some gypsies doing a jig on the street.


Old town hall.

Old town hall, Leuven

The bicycle parking lot across from my sister’s apartment.

Lotsa bikes
A hay fight at the World Market at 10p.m. in the town square.

10 pm!, worldfest, Leuven

The next day we went to Brussels, which was a bustling city, but we found a cool little outdoor cafe to chill out at for lunch.


I tried my first beer in Brussels, which the English speaking waitress (a rarity in Brussels) was kind enough to bring me a free sample of. It’s called Kriek, which is a cherry beer. It is SO good and sweet – you’d never know it was beer! It became my mission to drink kriek with every lunch I had after this.

Grand Place.

Grand Place

Mannekan Pis and Huz who dutifully cooperated with my desire for him to pose like a whiz kid.

Having to piss at the Manneken Pis

Enjoying a sit by the fountain in the Park de Bruxelles.

Fountain, Parc de Bruxelles

The next day we visited the beautiful little town of Brugge, but I will share that with you later!