I found this website yesterday when researching herniated diaphragm. (Be warned: after the pictures of the x-rays are pictures of surgery. If you are easily disturbed by guts, don’t scroll down past the x-rays.) The normal x-ray is very different from Cambridge’s, because she doesn’t have all of the dark space, which are the lungs. Her lungs are shoved up to the top of her back in a little sliver. The difference is really shocking. I wish I had been of the right mind to take a picture of the x-ray when I was in the office (I had my camera with me because I had taken a picture of Camby’s third eyelids covering her eyes for the vet to see in case her eyes were normal in the office, which, of course, they were – it’s just like a car – you take it to the shop because you hear all these noises and as soon as you get it there, it’s silent!), but I totally forgot for obvious reasons. She’s on antibiotics right now in an attempt to clear up her cold, but so far she’s not any better. In fact, she’s sneezing a lot more and whining too. 😦

Here’s my sick girl with her eyes obviously not well.

Sick Girl - Third Eyelid