I took Cambridge to the vet this morning expecting to hear that she had an upper respiratory infection because she’s been diagnosed with this before, but it turned out rather differently. The vet heard crackling in her lungs and wanted to do a chest x-ray. This revealed that she either was born with a defect or had blunt trauma (possibly from a car accident) which resulted in a herniated diaphragm. This means that her intestines are up in her chest cavity and are constricting her lungs so that she has very little room for air intake. This explains what we thought was exercised-induced asthma (like I have) because ever since we got her (last September) she has a coughing fit after playing or running across the apartment. Basically, the only way to fix this is to have exploratory surgery and it will be expensive. The vet said $1,500 minimum. Lord have mercy, we don’t have this much money lying around. I know some of you may roll your eyes and say, “Why would you spend that on a damn cat – it’s an ANIMAL after all,” and others of you may say, “What!? You can’t afford that after you just took a vacation to frickin’ Europe!?”. While Huz and I haven’t had “the conversation” yet, I for one want to get her well because she’s much more than just a cat to me – she’s part of the family and I love her. As for the Europe thing, we went because my Mom purchased 3/4 of the plane tickets for us, we stayed with family while we were there (read: free), and we dipped into savings which is supposed to be for putting down on a home someday. So, no, we are by no means wealthy. Huz will be a student in 2 months and I am currently unemployed. Shit. Why do these things always happen at the worst times? Would you think me totally wrong if I asked for donations on my blog for my baby’s surgery? I don’t want to come across as a cheapskate looking for a handout, but I know that you all love seeing pictures of my baby girl as much as I love to share them. Let me know what you think and I’ll consider it further. If I do decide to ask for donations, Dayment can you tell me how to set up the PayPal thing on my blog? Leesa, can you talk to your husband and get his opinion on this? Does he think we should do it now before the trauma of moving to another state, or wait? Thank you all for your thoughts and well wishes for my baby.