I did it, folks! Here are some pictures from my big day.

Before leaving for the graduation ceremony, Huz needed to try out my Nikon camera for the first time. So here I am being his model.

Dressed? Check.

Before the ceremony

Hat fit? Check.

Trying on the hat

Tassel straight? Check.

Tassle examination

I got to the gym and was searching among the crowds for my family. Don’t I look pitiful? (And my friend does too, doesn’t she? She was dealing with morning sickness all throughout the ceremony – notice the NutraGrain bar she’s clinging to.)

Where's my family?

Family found? Check.

Me and my buddy

Look proud and don’t trip as you walk up to stage. Check.


Shake the Dean’s hand and then the University President’s. Check.


Smile for Huz as soon as I cross the stage (he wanted me to do it when I walked up the steps to the Dean, but I would have looked stupid and would have held up the line!). Check.


Beam like a fool on the way back to my seat (I’m the beaming fool behind the African American student). Check.


Stand in ridiculously bright sun and pose for pictures after the ceremony. Check.




Have Mom and Step-Dad take me out to an awesome (read: expensive) dinner that night. Check.

Graduation Dinner

Have a kick-ass party (complete with food, drinks and friends) all organized and planned by a loving Huz. Check.

Za Food!




Me and Friend L.

Me and Friends B. and K.

Check out the cool wine my Mom bought for me. Yes, I wanted the modification done – I worked for it, right!?

Magna Cume Laude Wine

Sis K. made me this cool sign so that our guests would meet us on the patio.

My Sis making a sign

My awesome Huz researched bakeries and got this yummy cake made for me.

My cake

I had a great weekend and I want to thank Huz for throwing me a great party and for loving and supporting me through the years as I worked my way through college. I couldn’t have done it without his encouragement and his many hugs. I also want to thank my Mom, Ed, and Sister K. for flying out for the event. Your presence there made it very special for me. Thank you Mom and Ed for buying the booze (not fooze) for the party and for setting it up. Also, thank you both for the wonderful graduation dinner – the champagne cocktail was superb, the lobster was excellent, the chocolate mousse cake with creme anglaise and raspberry puree was delicious, and the dessert wine was great! I love you all! šŸ™‚