I’m going to visit my good friend T today. She just had her baby boy on Mother’s Day and he’s adorable.

I’m sure I’ll come back home all baby fevery and want to get pregnant right.now.please. despite the fact that we won’t have steady income to speak of in our near future. Ack! You see, this is why I’m so nuts over my cat – she really is a baby substitute. How do you know what having a kid will really be like until you plunge into the ocean of parenthood? How do I know I’ll even be a good Mom? How do I know I’ll still want a career after the bundle of cuteness comes home with us? How do I know I won’t loose my temper when it’s being naughty (I’ve seen Super Nanny enough times to know how bratty kids can be)? How do I know if we’ll be able to afford diapers, daycare, carseats, clothes, toys, preschool (if you even pay for that), girlscout uniforms, prom dresses (or tuxes), and enough food for a growing teenager? The problem is that I think too much and way too far into the future, don’t I? I seriously think it’s just going to have to be an accident because I freak out about the details so much that I get into a crying frenzy about it.

Ahem. Anyway, to get off the baby subject for a while…if any of you have been to Belgium or France, what are the Must See destinations? We plan on visiting Leuven, Brussels, Brugge, and Paris and Huz wants to visit some monasteries to see beer being made by Belgian monks. We also want to see the awesome architecture and absorb the culture that both countries have to offer. Good places to eat that don’t cost an arm and a leg would be great, if you know of any! I can’t believe we leave so soon and we’re still trying to figure out exactly what we should do while we’re there.

I haven’t seen any ghosts or mice in the walls, but Cambridge was totally into a ladybug the other night.

Sitting peacefully by Huz (who was, of course, blogging*), Cambridge notices a black spot on the ceiling.

What's up there?

It grabbed her attention for about 15 minutes and she kept running all over the living room to follow it. (I’m surprised she didn’t run into a wall or something because she was looking up the entire time.)

Looking Up

I finally gave in and decided to help her get it because she was driving me crazy with her running all over the couches (and the poor saps who happened to be sitting on the couches) trying to get it. (Don’t you love how she doesn’t even notice it when it’s finally in reach!?)

Help me get up, Mom!

Then we busted a patriotic move for no apparent reason at all.

Get the bug


*ha! Did you know that blogger spell check wanted me to change “blogging” to “flogging!?” Huz, didn’t I tell you it was too violent to flog yourself in front of the child!? Sheesh!