Be warned: I am now going to bore you with a zillion pictures from my new Nikon D70.

Here is a series I took while trying to write a paper (ok, ok, I had clearly taken a break to read blogs, but still):

Cambridge innocently walked by and happened to notice that Mom was using a colored pencil. “Hmm,” she thought.

Hmm...a pencil....

Clearly, she planned on being bad, but she decided to trick Mom with a cute, “I’m so innocent, oh and did I mention that I love you?” face.

I'm completely innocent

Then, the badness ensued. “I’ll just help you with your paper. Here, let me take notes for you” she said.

Why won't this thing write?

Seconds later the teeth came out.

No, I'm not!

Thanks for the teeth marks on my pencil, Cambridge!

Close Up - notice the bite marks!

After much fun helping me write my paper, she collapsed for a mini-nap.

That wore me out

Then she got bored and decided to do a workout Jane Fonda style. Notice the striking similarities.

Stretch and hold it, one…two…three!


Jane Fonda Reach

And rest.


Stretch again, one…two…three…


Jane Fonda Stretch

Now do the splits!


Jane Fonda Split

That’s fine if you want to be in shape, Cambridge, but I’m not buying you a cheesy 80s leotard and belt, nor do I want to see you do this move, EVER.

Jane Fonda Ick