When Huz asks me how my day was, I answer in full. And I mean FULL, people. I’m detail oriented, what can I say? For example, over dinner tonight Huz politely asked me how my day was (other than getting a parking ticket) and something like this ensued:

Huz: How was your day, hon?

VW: Pretty good (other than the parking ticket). But, dude, I had to pee SO bad during class this afternoon!

Huz: Why didn’t you just leave and go?

VW: Because I felt bad. I mean, it’s a small class and we’re all sitting in a big circle discussing a book, so it was too obvious to get up and go. So, anyway, I had to pee so bad that when I finally got to go to the bathroom after my hour and fifteen minute class, my pee was see-through. I’m talking water, man. There was no trace of yellow in that bowl at all. And I peed FOREVER. It just wouldn’t stop and you know how I hover, rather than sit down on public toilets? Well, I peed for so long that my legs, which were weak from working out today – I ran on the treadmill and then did my usual sit-up routine, were shaking. They were SO tired and the flow just wouldn’t quit! (pause for breath)

So, how was your day?

Huz: Fine.