So, what’s the deal!? Is it only me having a shitty week or is it a bad karma, weird vibes for everybody kind of week? As I told you before, Huz got 2 parking tickets and the car towed (for a grand total price of $185) on Tuesday. THEN, I drove the car today and parked on campus near where I usually park (but not near enough, evidently) and got a $50 parking ticket because I failed to see a tiny sign that says no parking on half of the block on school days. ARGH! I was so furious after getting this ticket that I called Huz up at work and literally said, “If I had a penis* I’d take it out and make somebody SUCK IT!” I know, I know. I’m vile and lewd. So shoot me. Just don’t give me another m-fing ticket!

Chicago is giving us a mighty fine send-off!

*No, I don’t have penis envy. I don’t buy Freud on that one at all. Actually, I don’t buy most of Freud’s theories.