Thank you Number One:

I am happy to announce that I am officially moving this


from my “Wanting” category to my “Having and Loving” category!
Thanks to my Dad for giving me such an AWESOME gift for graduation. I’m still in shock about it. Thank you, Dad!
I’ll be gradually learning how to use this baby and will post pics from it as soon as I take some (I’m still on page 6 or so of the manual!).

Thank you Number Two:

I’d like to thank Huz for making me a stiff drink last night because I was PMSing and really wanted one. He did this, folks, despite the fact that he had a worse day than I did. Picture getting off the evening train from work and walking back to your car, only to find that your car is gone. That’s right, gone. There were no “Do Not Park” signs posted at 7:30 in the morning when he parked (where he has parked everyday for over a year, I might add), despite the dumb-ass policeman’s claim. Huz checked twice for them before parking because he saw some construction stuff, but there weren’t any posted. So, you guessed it, he got towed because they* decided to repave the road that day. He accrued two parking tickets – one for parking there and one for the police making a bloody phone call to the towing service (since when do local phone calls cost $25!?). All of that on top of a $135 towing charge.
And he made ME a drink last night!?
That’s love.

*By “they” I mean the stupid-ass suburb of Park Ridge, IL. Don’t go there. They suck.