Huz and I decided from the get-go that we would operate our household on an egalitarian basis – where the chores would be equally divided between us (none of that gender differentiation garbage – puhlease! Go back to the dark ages if you believe that nonsense). Hey, my dirty underwear need to be washed just as much as yours do and you make as many dirty dishes as I do! Last night’s conversation was a good example of egalitarianism at work in the Victoria/Gaunilo household:

Me: So, who’s gonna do the dishes? (They were piled sky-high again, taking over both sides of the sink AND the counter AND the stove.)

Huz: mumble, mumble.

Me: What?

Huz: Um, I said I guess we can do them together right now or it’ll have to wait until this weekend when I have time.

Me: (Looking at the mess of food encrusted plates and lip-printed glasses)
mumble, mumble.

Click goes the light switch and we walk out of the dark kitchen hand in hand, equals to the end.

Meanwhile, Cambridge helps herself to a beer.


Won’t we make terrific parents someday?