Ok, cat lovers, I need your help.
We got Cambridge about seven months ago and right from the get-go, she began to “love bite” us when we held her. She loves to be held, so it’s not a bite that means, “Let me go, asshole,” but it’s more like her way of kissing – it’s just that nobody ever told her that open mouth kisses DON’T involve teeth! She purrs and kneads her paws and then, BAM, bites you from left field with no change in the other loving behaviors. She’s done this a lot lately in the mornings when Huz opens the bedroom door (which is off-limits for her at night because she keeps me up) and she bolts up onto the bed. She purrs like crazy, so happy to see Mom after 8 miserable hours without my attention, and gets in my face, rubbing her cheek on anything she can reach and then, you guessed it, BAM, I get bit in the frickin’ nose, or chin, or leg. WTF!? How do I teach her that biting is MEAN and that her behavior is ‘unasseptable’?