Yet another bit of advice from one consumer to another.



Clinique is one smart company. They lure you into buying something for a mere $19.95 because you get a free gift, and who can pass up a free gift? I can’t. This luscious tube of moisture was part of a recently acquired gift and I don’t think I can do without it from now on. Yes, that means I was successfully suckered into thinking I NEED this $40 jar of goop, forEVER. But, people, it works so well. Really. Try to get it for free and see what I mean.



While these might look cool (like my toaster did), they SUCK! They’re Clarks, which is supposed to be a good shoe company and all, but look what they did to my foot on the first day I wore them:


There, you are fairly warned. Don’t spend $70 on these puppies because they just turn your feet into hamburger. Speaking of which, it’s lunch time. Mmmm…hamburgers!