Some people (ones who think their wives have special “vagina detergent” that will somehow cause their scalps to menstruate) don’t believe that the picture I posted is what I said it is. Well, here’s some more evidence that it really IS a bottom of a pot and NOT a bowling ball.


Does that help at all? You can see where the round stove burner has oxidized the metal. Yes, no?

Ahem. I haven’t written anything great in a while because I’ve been sidetracked from actually doing what a student is supposed to do – namely, homework. You know, writing of papers and exams. blah blah blah. I’m ready to grad-gee-ate. I’m sure I’ll post something substantial again soon, but until then I will leave you with yet more pictures of my cat. She REALLY loves her cat dancer, people!


Cat Dancer

Whoa, trippy.

Cat Dancer

Oh Lord, I beg thee not to take away my cat dancer toy, EVER. Amen.

Cat Dancer