I had a sweet tooth Wednesday that just wouldn’t quit, people. What was I to do? I had it when I came home from class; I had it while I was cooking dinner (Roasted Pork Chops with Bacon and Wilted Greens from this month’s Bon Appetite); and I had it after I ate dinner. What else could I do but feed the naughty little tooth with all of the gloriousness that could fit into one bowl? See Exhibit 1:

Sweet Tooth

Not only did my indulgence render my gung-ho workout useless (the one that left me a sore sack of muscle), but it apparently also made the sweet tooth gods mad because I soon thereafter became afflicted with an ailment (no, I don’t really think it’s connected, but what fun would this blog be without asinine logic?). Said ailment is The Mysterious Red Eye, which I woke up with yesterday morning and am still suffering from now. See Exhibit 2:

Mysterious Red Eye

Isn’t THAT a lovely picture that you want in your head all day? You’re Welcome.