I got up this morning and after showering and getting dressed, I went straight into the kitchen where the dishes were piled so high in the sink that they were swaying from side to side like a rickety building in the wind (and stinking to high heaven) and washed them all. Before coffee, before breakfast, before checking my email. I am so cool. Applause and praise are welcome now, especially from you Huz. You’re Welcome.

Ahem. So, last night I had a splitting headache and laid down after dinner to make it go away and the next thing I know, it’s 10:30p.m. and Huz and I didn’t hang out* at all. Sorry, pal.

Note to self: Next time you work out and are feeling guilty for not doing it for a whole week, don’t go so gung-ho that you ache like an 80-year-old the next morning. Can’t.Move.Anything.Without.Serious.Pain.Ow.

*If you know what I mean.