I have nothing much to say today (I’m tired, if you must know and, yes, the grow-out* is proceeding nicely, thanks for asking), so I’ll just put some more pictures up for your viewing pleasure.

This is an antique radio that I salvaged from the sidewalk (where it was left for the trash collector) a few years ago when we lived in the suburbs. What’s with someone just ditching it like that? At least sell it or give it to somebody or bring it to The Antiques Roadshow (or leave it on the sidewalk and I’ll take it to The Antiques Roadshow). It’s hollow inside, but I love it because it adds character and history to my entryway.

From Victoria's Photography Class

Oh, and Cambridge likes it too.


I had a great time photographing some friends this weekend, so when I get them printed I will share some here. Sound good?

*I’m so self-referential.