So you know we’re back from our trek to the dreaded South* and now I will share some photos, lest Huz take all the credit for taking them (ok, he took about half of them, but still).

*I’m not some random South-hater just for the hell of it. I do have reasons for my antipathy, which you can read here.

(While I wait for Flickr to upload, I just want to say that it’s kind of creepy when my cat comes into the study behind me and the only reason I know it is because the wood floor creaks under her gluttonous 6 1/2 pound weight. *shudder*)

Ok, anyway, back to the slide show (my Dad used to do those for the family – I loved that).

These first two are proof of the Southness of Nashville – what more can I say?
Who Knew Changing Oil Could Be So Laborious?

The South in All Its Glory

This is the stairwell in the Religion Department building on-campus and, yes, yours truly took it. Thank you.

No, I’m not a Lord of the Rings nerd (like some of my friends – whoo boy! I was invited to Bilbo’s Birthday once and I sat next to some serious LOTR nerds, let me tell you!), but this screams for LOTR recognition. I thought about photoshopping The Eye in, but I don’t have time, people!
BellSouth Baradur (Lord of the Rings, get it?)

And this is a random picture of Friend K at my birthday celebration with gum on her pants.
Friend K With Gum on Her Pants

All in all, our trip down South went very well. We met a group of wonderful people that I look forward to befriending and we got a lay of the land so that we can research apartments from afar better. Things are all falling into place for us, so I feel it’s the right thing for us to do and that’s a good feeling.