So, we saw a bunch of our friends for my birthday celebration recently, but we didn’t get to chat with everyone as much as I had wanted to, so we had our second annual cocktail party to see ’em all again! We had 15 over last night. Sorry, I have no drunken stories to tell you – we’re a pretty tame group in that respect, but had fun nonetheless. Cambridge visited with everyone all night – I was going to buy her a sequin collar so she’d be all dressed up for the occasion, but Target’s selection SUCKS and I was too lazy to drive around to pet stores because we were already driving all over creation for liquor and party supplies. It was great to see all of those who came, especially because we will be moving from Chicago to Nashville by the end of summer. Sniff. I love you guys!

Here’s the bartender and his assistant, anxiously awaiting for guests to arrive.


My Friends B,K, and M. Don’t even ask what we were talking about, I’ll never tell!


Here’s Friend D and Huz, taking a break from the bar.

D and Huz

Every cocktail party needs a well-stocked bar.

cocktail table